Go out on A Limb

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In today’s “English Idioms for Newcomers“, let’s take a look at this expression: Go out on A Limb.

Out on a limb
  • Out on a limb = in a dangerous or vulnerable position without support from anyone else.
  • When you climb a tree, you go out and stand on a tree branch (a limb), there is a risk that the branch might break under your weight.
What does “go out on a limb” mean?
  • expose oneself in a dangerous situation and do something risky.
  • do something that you strongly believe in, even though you are likely to fail or be criticized by others.
  • have an unpopular opinion that is opposite to that held by the general public.
How to use it?
  • Use it when you state a decision that you made or are going to make
  • Use it when you make a statement or speculation based on limited knowledge or information


  • I can see myself going out on a limb and writing about this controversial topic.
  • I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that he’s probably been married before.

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Word of the Day:

Limb: a large branch of a tree