Metal Cans

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Welcome to today’s Residential Recycling & Disposal Info for Newcomers!

Metal cans are used widely for food and beverage alike. Common items packed in metal cans include:
  • Coffee
  • Cookies & biscuits
  • Sardine and tuna
  • Beans, vegetables and soups
  • Pet food for dogs or cats
Where do we place metal cans?
  • Rinse and dry the cans before recycling;
  • Place metal lids inside empty cans and squeeze the tops closed far enough to keep the lids from falling out;
  • Place metal cans and lids in your blue carts or at a community recycling depot;
  • You can leave the paper labels on metal cans when recycling them.
Learn about different carts here:

The City of Calgary has a residential recycling and disposal search tool. Check out the “What Goes Where” list here: