It’s Been A Year

Lisa C. Community, COVID-19

A year has passed since the World Health Organization declared COVID‑19 a pandemic.

How have you been?
  • Canadians got used to working or studying from home.
  • Wearing masks and covering your face have become a new norm.
  • Health care workers are still facing great risk and challenge to protect the public.
  • Each one of us has been trying very hard to cope with all the changes that have impacted us both physically and mentally.
We are all making sacrifices to keep others safe.

And among all these, there is hope. Canada has authorized and approved 4 COVID-19 vaccines. The province of Alberta started the COVID-19 vaccination program last December and we patiently wait for our turns as we let those most at risk be vaccinated first.

Take this moment to reflect on the past year and find reasons to stay positive and grounded.
  • It would have been a better year if it hadn’t been for COVID-19. Yes, that’s true, but what happened happened. Why fret over things that are out of your control?
  • Are you grateful for being in Canada, for having a roof over your head, or having food on the table? Are you grateful because your loved ones are healthy and safe?
  • Make an effort and stay connected with those you care about, your friends, family, coworkers. Drop them a short message, send out a postcard.
The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, issued a statement on this occasion.