Summer Camps Calgary 2021

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What are summer camps?
  • A summer camp is a supervised program for children or teens during the summer months when there is no school.
  • Canada is one of the countries where summer camps are very common.
If you are still deciding whether to find a summer camp for your kid, keep in mind that summer camps benefit your kid in many different ways:
  • Developing social skills through making new friends
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle through physical activities and healthier food choices
  • Building self-confidence and leadership skills
  • Keeping the learning going outside of classrooms through interactive and fun games
There are so many types of camps you can enroll your kids in! Check with them first to find out what they are interested in:
  • Tech camps
  • Language camps
  • Culture camps
  • Sports camps
  • Art & performance camps
  • Day or overnight camps
  • Girls or boys’ camps
  • And many more!

Most summer camps are NOT free, but if you consider the benefits, it may be worth the investment. Shop around and compare prices & reviews before you make a decision.

Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association (CIWA) is hosting two FREE virtual baseball camps for immigrant girls ages 10 to 14. Click below to register:
CIWA’s Youth Program usually runs a low-cost/ free Youth Cultural Summer Camp every July and August:
Trellis offers Day Camps in July & August, providing the guidelines permit

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