Budget 2021 Funding to Reduce Wait Times for CT & MRI

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CT scans and MRIs are two of the common diagnostic imaging services offered in modern medicine. Learn more here:

Demands for CT scans and MRIs in Alberta are increasing annually. Wait times for patients in hospital or emergency departments for a CT or MRI scan are stable, but wait times for outpatients referred are longer than what medical experts recommended.

The Alberta government has recently announced a $33-million one-time commitment from Budget 2021 that aims at reducing wait times for Albertans needing non-emergency CT scans and MRIs in public hospitals by 2023.

The funding will support Alberta Health Services to perform up to 50,000 additional CT scans and up to 45,000 additional MRI scans throughout the province in 2021-22.

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Outpatient: a patient who visits a clinic or hospital for treatment but is not stay in a hospital overnight.

* The information in this article is taken from the official website of the Government of Alberta on March 26, 2021.