Do Not Share Your COVID-19 Client Immunization Record Online

Lisa C. Community, COVID-19, Updates

As more and more Albertans become eligible for COVID-19 vaccination, many find it hard to contain their excitement and choose to celebrate it by posting a photo of their vaccination record on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms. That’s a bad idea!

Please do NOT post vaccination record online! Here’s why:
  • If you are getting vaccinated in Alberta, you will receive a piece of document entitled “COVID-19 Client Immunization Record and Care after Immunization”.
  • This document has your full name and birthdate on it. The self-identifying information coupled with low social media privacy settings may make you vulnerable to identify theft!
  • Scammers may also get information from the photo you post so that they can create phony versions of immunization records.
Getting vaccinated is great news! Here’s how to share it safely online:
  • Use a profile frame or share your vaccination sticker.
  • Review your social media account’s security settings.
  • Think twice before participating in viral personal posts on social media, e.g. listing your favorite things, which may lead to leaking your passwords or security questions.

Word of the Day:

Phony: fake, forged, fraudulent, not genuine

* The information in this post is based on the news posted by Better Business Bureau on April 2, 2021. Better Business Bureau is a nonprofit organization with a focus on advancing marketplace trust.