IRCC Reminder: Start Collecting Supporting Docs for Your In-Process Application

Lisa C. Uncategorized

Since the onset of the pandemic, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC) has been automatically extending deadlines for applicants who have faced delays in submitting required documents due to COVID‑19 restrictions.

As most IRCC offices and visa centres have reopened, applicants can now provide supporting documents needed. IRCC has recently started to review in-process applications delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic and to contact applicants who need to provide more information. If you still need to provide supporting documents for your application, start to collect them now:

IRCC will no longer be automatically extending deadlines for submitting the required supporting documentation.

However, IRCC will continue to provide deadline extensions to clients who are still unable to provide required documentation due to COVID‑19 disruptions.

Learn how how this change may affect you and what you need to do from IRCC’s official website:

*Note that the information in this post is taken from the above link on April 13, 2021.