Rockyview Hospital to Expand ICU & Coronary Care Units

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The Alberta government is investing in Calgary’s Rockyview hospital to expand its ICU and coronary care units, ensuring it has the capacity to serve the community well into the future. Currently,

  • The intensive care unit admits about 275 patients per year
  • The coronary care unit admits 540 patients per year.
  • Both units often operate at full capacity, up to 130 % at peak times.

The planned expansion will move the units to a joint space with 25 beds in single-patient rooms, up from the current 17 beds. The new space will include support services and a consolidated respiratory therapy service.

A contribution from the Calgary Health Foundation will also expand the gastrointestinal clinic so more patients have access to endoscopies, which are non-surgical procedures for diagnosis and treatment.

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Consolidated: (of a number of services or units) combined or integrated into a single more effective service

* The information in this post is taken from Alberta government’s news release on April 29, 2021: Budget 2021: Investing in Calgary’s Rockyview hospital.