Pop-up Farm Stands at C-Train Stations & Community Hubs

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The fresh local food stands (est. 2017) are back for the 2021 summer season.

The City of Calgary partners with following five local urban farms & vendors from the Calgary region to operate pop-up farm stands at select C-Train stations and community hubs across the City:

The pop-up farm stands launch on May 25, and will operate weekly until Thanksgiving.

Learn about healthy food options that are locally grown and enjoy fresh Alberta veggies, fruits, artisanal products,

  • support our local farms,
  • support the local economy, and
  • support your community!

For more information about the Farm Stand program, including a list of locations and weekly schedule, visit https://www.calgary.ca/pda/pd/office-of-sustainability/transit-pop-up-food-markets.html?redirect=/localfood

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Artisanal: made or produced in a traditional way