Nouns for Groups of Animals

Lisa C. Newcomer Information

What do we call a group of lions? What about Canada geese? In today’s “English Learning Tips for Newcomers“, let’s learn some common nouns for groups of animals.


  • A school of whales, dolphins, or any other kind of fish that swim together.
  • To school (yes, it can be a verb) is to feed or swim together.


  • A swarm of bees, flies, ants, locusts, etc.
  • Use “swarm” on a large of inanimate things that move together, e.g. a warm of meteors


  • A flock of geese, ducks, or any other types of birds.
  • You can also say “a flock of sheep”.


  • A pack of wolves, dogs, weasels, etc.


  • A herd of cattle, horses, elk, deer, moose, zebras, etc.
  • A herd is a large group of animals kept together by humans or a group of wild animals
Note that many of these nouns can be used on people too:
  • a swarm of passengers
  • a herd of tourists
  • a flock of sightseers
Here are some less commonly known nouns for groups of animals! Use them to impress people around you:
  • a pride of lions
  • an army of frogs
  • a caravan of camels
  • a stand of flamingos
  • a colony of rats or bats
  • a bloat of hippos
  • a tower of giraffes
  • a troop/band of gorillas
  • a troop/mob of kangaroos

Word of the Day:

Inanimate: not alive, lifeless

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