Going out on foot? Here are some Pedestrian Safety Tips in Calgary!

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Pedestrians have the right-of-way at all intersections and crosswalks in Calgary unless one of the following two situations occurs:
  • the intersection is controlled by a traffic signal or traffic control device
  • if a police officer indicates otherwise.

This may not be the case in your home country. In your home country, motor vehicles may have the right-of-way, meaning that pedestrians have to stop and wait for motor vehicles to pass first. Here in Calgary, it’s the other way around, so if you see a car slowing down to a stop for you, you can go ahead and cross the street.

That being said, you, as a pedestrian in Calgary, still have to be careful and use your sound judgement before crossing, in case some drivers might not know that rule or always follow it.
You, as a pedestrian, should
  • never cross the street at mid-block or against a signal.
  • signal your intention to cross before actually crossing the street.
  • make eye contact with the driver turning your way.
  • ensure the driver sees you and plans to stop or has slowed down to a stop.
  • avoid stepping in front of a vehicle that is not slowing down or cannot stop in time.
  • wear light-coloured clothing and reflective devices so you are more visible, especially at night.

More tips on pedestrian safety in Calgary: https://www.calgary.ca/transportation/roads/traffic/traffic-safety-programs/pedestrian-safety.html

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