Traffic Bylaw in Calgary Concerning Pedestrians

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Crossing or walking in the streets without regard for traffic rules is called jaywalking.
  • A person who jaywalks is called a jaywalker. The word “jaywalker” was first used in Kansas City in 1905. Learn more: Why Jaywalking is Called Jaywalking | Merriam-Webster
  • In the City of Calgary, pedestrians may be fined $25 to 60 for jaywalking (based on Schedule A on Page 54 of Bylaw Number 26M96, as of July 7, 2021.)
  • In addition, you may be endangered by traffic if you jaywalk. Do not be a jaywalker!
Based on Bylaw Number 26M96 of the City of Calgary, a pedestrian shall NOT
  • cross a street within one block in any direction of a traffic control signal or pedestrian corridor other than in a crosswalk (some exceptions apply);
  • cross an LRT track (CTrain) except on a sidewalk or a crosswalk;
  • cross the LRT track (CTrain) while the control devices (gates, lights or bells) indicate that crossing is not permitted; if there’s no control device, you can cross the track when it’s safe and always remember to yield to any approaching CTrains.
If you need a ride from a bus, taxi or cab, you may stand on the sidewalk or boulevard when soliciting a ride.

Read pages 12 of Bylaw Number 26M96 for more information.

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