Canadian Wilds Habitat to Expand with New Investment from Provincial Government

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The Calgary Zoo is Canada’s most visited zoo, welcoming more than 1.3 million visitors annually.

It was recently announced that the Alberta government will invest $15.5 million over 3 years to help upgrade and expand the zoo’s Canadian Wilds habitat:
  • The first phase of the redevelopment includes polar bears, otters, caribou and whooping cranes.
  • Future phases will include bison, prairie dogs, grizzlies, cougars and northern leopard frogs.
The redevelopment project is expected to increase annual revenues for the zoo, grow its contribution to Alberta’s economy and created jobs for Albertans.

The Calgary Zoo is open for daily zoo visits. As of July 8,

The Calgary Zoo is a registered charity. In addition to visiting the zoo, you can also choose to offer support in other ways to help the zoo:

  • provide world-class animal care,
  • give hope to endangered species,
  • inspire young minds, and
  • create cherished family memories.

Word of the Day:

Habitat: the natural environment where an animal or plant lives and grows

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