Online Portal for Confirming Your Permanent Residence

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The confirmation of permanent residence can now be done through an online portal!

Once Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has approved your Permanent Residence application, they will send you an invitation to confirm if you want to use the portal, your email address and all email addresses for each person on your application.

If you confirm you want to use the portal, they will send you the link to the portal and sign-in instructions.

Once you arrive in Canada, you can then sign into the portal, create your own password, confirm you are in Canada, provide an updated home address and upload a digital or scanned photo.

Once the photo is reviewed, you can check in the portal whether IRCC accepted your photo or not, then you will receive your first Permanent Residence card in mail within a week.

How do I know if the email about the portal is legit? It is, if

Pretty convenient, isn’t it? More instructions on uploading and submitting photos can be found here:

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