Cool as A Cucumber

Lisa C. Newcomer Information

In today’s English Idioms for Newcomers, let’s take a look at this expression: Cool as A Cucumber.

What does “cool as a cucumber” mean?
  • Very calm, collected or unemotional when faced with something surprising
  • Composed or self-possessed in times of stress
The origin of “cool as a cucumber”:
  • The inside of cucumbers remains cooler than the air even in extremely hot weather.
How to use it?
  • Use it to describe a person or the way a person acts in stressful situations.
  • Use it in structures such as “be (as) cool as a cucumber” or “verb + as cool as a cucumber”.
  • Everyone was freaking out but he was as cool as a cucumber.
  • I felt extremely nervous but managed to act as cool as a cucumber.

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Word of the Day:

Composed: cool, calm, having one’s expression and feelings under control

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