Fire Ban Advisory in Place for Calgary

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A fire ban 
  • is issued to restrict or temporarily ban types of fire use because of a high fire danger and poor air quality; 
  • includes a list of prohibited fire uses. 
A Fire ban advisory has recently been issued for the City of Calgary. Under the fire ban, the following are prohibited: 
  • Open fires 
  • Fire pits 
  • Outdoor chimeneas 
  • Recreational solid fuel barbecues and stoves (charcoal briquettes or wood) 
  • Tiki torches 
The fire ban will be in effect until further notice, when smoke and weather conditions are no longer deemed a risk to health and safety. 

Special note: fireworks is not allowed at any time in Calgary regardless of a fire ban. 

Word of the Day: 

Chimenea: also “chiminea”, a freestanding clay fireplace. 

* Information in this post is based on the City of Calgary’s news release dated July 16, 2021.