Common Uncountable Nouns

Lisa C. Newcomer Information

In the first article of our new series “English Learning Tips for Newcomers“.

English learners tend to overuse plural forms on uncountable nouns. Uncountable nouns are nouns that cannot be counted, e.g. water, weather, air, etc.

Most uncountable nouns are liquid, abstract concept, mass nouns, states of being, or feelings.

Here are 10 uncountable nouns which English learners tend to mistakenly use as countable nouns:

Uncountable NounsIncorrectCorrect
Advice❌ some advices, an advice✔️ some advice, a piece of advice, a word of advice
Clothing❌ those clothings, a clothing✔️ some clothing, one item of clothing, one article of clothing
Equipment❌ these equipments, an equipment✔️ all the equipment, a piece of equipment, different types of equipment
Feedback❌ some feedbacks, a feedback✔️ some feedback, a piece of feedback, different types of feedback
Furniture❌ a furniture, some furnitures✔️ a piece of furniture, some types of furniture,
Help❌ a help, some helps✔️ some help, a little help
Homework❌ a homework, a lot of homeworks✔️ some homework, a piece of homework
Information❌ many informations, an information✔️ much information, a piece of information
laughter❌ burst into laughters✔️ burst into laughter
Logic❌ some logics, a logic✔️ a type of logic
Luggage❌ many luggages, a luggage✔️ many pieces of luggage, a piece of luggage
News❌ a news, many news✔️ some news, a piece of news

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