Pedestrian Push Buttons

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Many intersections in Calgary have a button marked push button to cross. At these locations, pedestrians must activate the pedestrian crossing signal by pressing the button to ensure sufficient time is given to cross the street safely.

To help keep Calgarians safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, The City of Calgary installed touchless push-button technology at two high pedestrian traffic locations in late April 2021.

  • 10 Avenue and Centre Street N.
  • 16 Avenue and Uxbridge Drive/29 Street N.W.

This newly emerging technology activates pedestrian crossing signals without physically having to touch a push-button. When a pedestrian or cyclist wishes to cross an intersection with this technology, they simply wave their hand in front of the touchless push-button to activate the signal.

Traffic signals installed with touchless push-button technology will be marked with a wave hand symbol above the touchless push-button.

Word of the Day:

Touchless: operated by means of gestures rather than by touching