Your Support Is Needed for Helping Afghan Refugees Make Canada Their New Home

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After the First Group of Afghan Refugees Arriving in Canada on August 5, Canada welcomed more flights of Afghan refugees.

With more flights planned in the days ahead, refugees will continue to be resettled through the immigration program for individuals and their families who provided support to Canada’s efforts in Afghanistan.

Many refugees need extra help getting settled in Canada. Supportive social networks and service provider organizations are a key part of this.

Through these networks and organizations, refugees can

  • get information
  • find housing and jobs
  • improve their language skills
  • get involved in the community
  • gain critical cultural knowledge
  • receive emotional and other support

If you’d like to help refugees arriving in Canada, you can volunteer or donate (clothing, furniture, or money) by

Word of the Day:

Resettlement: the action of moving one’s permanent home to a different place.

More information: Resettling Afghans who assisted Canada: Volunteer and donate –