Canada to Develop a Proof of Vaccination

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As the economy opens up, many Canadians are looking to travel again.

Using a proof of vaccination will
  • provide foreign border officials with the information needed to assess whether you meet their public health requirements
  • provide a trusted and verifiable credential for when you return to your home in Canada.

So how to demonstrate our COVID-19 vaccination history to foreign and Canadian border officials? The Government of Canada is working with the provinces and territories to develop a secure pan-Canadian proof of vaccination that will

  • facilitate cross-border travel,
  • reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Efforts are also being put into engaging Indigenous partners across the country.

Travellers will be able to submit their proof of vaccination in ArriveCAN (mobile app or when coming back to Canada. The focus is on a digital proof of vaccination, but paper documents will also be available to Canadians who may need them.

Before booking a trip, remember to always check

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