Class 5 Road Test: Disqualifications Resulting in Automatic Fails

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Taking Class 5 road test? Avoid the following to prevent an automatic fail:

Accumulating more than 75 points in a Class 5 basic or advanced test.
Right of way violation
  • Failing to yield as required and another vehicle or pedestrian is affected
Traffic light violation:
  • Failing to stop for a red light;
  • Failing to stop for a yellow light when able to do so.
  •  Failing to stop completely prior to turning right on a red light.
Stop sign violation: failing to stop completely for a stop sign.
Speeding violation: exceeding the speed limit.
Tires climbing over a curb.
Lacking caution at an uncontrolled intersection:
  • At an uncontrolled intersection, you must yield to vehicles on the right. This includes “T” intersections.
  • Check for traffic and reduce speed to the point where a stop can be made, if necessary.
  • The appropriate speed is determined by road conditions and visibility obstructions (e.g. hedges, trees, parked vehicles, etc.).
  • If you cannot see approaching traffic, slow down to a speed where you can stop safely, if necessary.
Obstructing traffic by:
  • Driving too slowly;
  • Failing to proceed as required (being unnecessarily cautious); or
  • Otherwise obstructing traffic unnecessarily.
Failing to perform a required skilled maneuver within three attempts, for example:
  • parallel parking,
  • uphill parking ,
  • downhill parking, or
  • angle park.
Hitting another vehicle or object.
Lacking sufficient skill and control, for example:
  • A skill like steering or shifting gears is inadequate;
  • The examiner has to intervene to assist or provide advice; or
  • Driving in the middle of a marked roadway for extended distances
Making an unsafe action, for example:
  • Driving straight through an intersection from a designated turning lane;
  • Driving at an unsafe speed for the conditions (conditions may require you to drive below the posted speed limit); or
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road.

Word of the Day:

Visibility: the state of being able to see

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