Change in Your Drinking Water

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The taste, odour and appearance of your drinking water may vary at different times of the year.

Why does my water smell musty or have an unusual odour?
  • If the musty odours occurs only at one faucet, try cleaning the drain, this often removes the odours.
  • When cause is seasonal elevated levels of geosmin, note that geosmin is not harmful and the taste and odour caused will disappear into the fall season.
Why does my water have a yellow or rusty colour?
  • This could be caused by watermain repairs, construction and other work in your area.
  • The discoloured water is safe to drink, but may cause water to appear dirty.
  • Solution: run your bathtub tap on cold for 30 minutes until water clears and then run other cold water taps for five minutes or until clear.

Word of the Day:

Geosmin: a harmless compound produced when aquatic plants (e.g. weeds) die and begin naturally decomposing.

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