Level Up, Calgary!

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Have you played Minecraft? Now, Calgary students will have a great opportunity to take something they do for fun and apply it towards the real world.

Students across Calgary are going to have the opportunity to redesign, restructure and rebuild the city’s downtown through the newly launched Level Up, Calgary! where they can explore, create and prototype designs in a pixelated version of downtown Calgary.

Level Up, Calgary! Is the first student Minecraft: Education Edition design challenge of its kind in Canada. CBE Students from all grade levels can visit the Central Library, explore Olympic Plaza and interact with characters from the Indigenous community and experts from The City, with the challenge being “How might we reimagine our public spaces to enrich the lives of Calgarians and strengthen our community?”

Level Up, Calgary! Is made possible by the collaboration of

  • the City’s Downtown Strategy team
  • the Calgary Board of Education (CBE)
  • the Calgary Public Library, and
  • Microsoft Canada

More information of this announcement:Level Up, Calgary! asks students to shape downtown

CEB Minecraft Design Challenge program website: CBE Minecraft Challenge – Technology for Learning – CBE

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