Need an Accessible Taxi ? Contact WAV Calgary!

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Do you or someone around you need an accessible taxi? The City of Calgary has a centralized taxi dispatch service that you can contact to easily and efficiently get the first available accessible taxi!

What is WAV?
  • WAV (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle) is a centralized Call Centre that will assist you in securing a wheelchair accessible taxi.
  • WAV Calgary vehicles are comprised of taxis from Associated Cabs, Calgary City Cabs, Calgary United, Checker Cabs, Delta Cabs and Mayfair Taxi.
How to request a WAV tax? Contact WAV Calgary 24 hours a day
  • by calling 403-974-1110, visiting
  • by using the WAV Calgary app
If you need to book a WAV with your pet (non-service animal), please call our agents for assistance at 403.974.1110.

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