Snow Brushes & Ice Scrapers: Must-Haves for Calgary Drivers

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The winter season in Calgary (and in most provinces and territories of Canada) usually comes with a lot of snow.

On a snowy day, if you park your car out in the open, before hitting the road again, you must have a snow brush and ice scraper to clean snow and ice off your car. Driving with a thick layer of snow on the hood of your car is dangerous to other drivers.

Let’s learn some basic facts about snow brushes and ice scrapers for cars!
  • Snow brushes come with plastic or nylon bristles and are used to clear fluffy snow off your car windows;
  • Some may use snow brushes on the body of the car too, but note that snow brushes can also cause damage to the paint job;
  • Ice scrapers are used to clean the ice on your window. Never use them on the body of the car;
  • Avoid using any brushes or scrapers that are not meant to be used for cars on your car. Even car windows can be damaged if you use the wrong tool;
  • Many retailers sell 2-in-1 tools. They come with two ends, one being the brush and the other the scraper.

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