4 ways to be a good neighbour during a Pandemic

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4 ways to be a good neighbour during a Pandemic

As the Covid pandemic continues to grow and change, it can hard to find ways to get to know your neighbours, especially if you are new to the city! There are still ways you can help your neighbour and make new friends, even during these challenging times.

Try these 4 ways to be a good neighbour:
  1. Shovel the snow – City bylaws require the removal of snow and ice from public sidewalks and driveways within 24 hours of snowfall. If you are new to the city and haven’t yet met your neighbour, this is a great time to connect while you both work away at those snowflakes. Don’t see your neighbours out when you are there? Be a snow angel and help shovel your neighbour’s sidewalk. This helps build your bond, even before meeting in person!
  1. Be aware of shared walls – If you live in an apartment building or attached home, be aware that sound travels easily through the walls. With everyone spending much time at home these days, it can be hard living with a noisy neighbour. Do your part and make sure your noise levels fall within guidelines. This could include restricting your use of laundry and loud appliances to waking hours. If you have a neighbour in a unit below you, try adding a carpet or extra floor mats to reduce noise.
  1. Get involved in your Community Centre – Most communities have community centres that focus on supporting the wellbeing of those living within your community. There are often many opportunities to become a member, volunteer for activities, get involved in the board, and meet your neighbours.
  1. Simply smile and say hello! – If have tried all those ways and still cannot connect with your neighbour, next time you are out for a walk or are taking out the garbage, simply smile and say hello! You never know what challenges people are going through during these difficult times, and your smile could turn out to be the best part of their day.


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