Temporary Changes to Passport Application Process

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Canada’s borders and international travel has opened up again in recent months, and the demands for passport renewals and applications have been increasing quickly. To keep up with the demand, the federal government has implemented a new temporary passport application process, depending on the urgency of travel plans.

  • If your travel plans begin after 25 business days, you will need to send your completed forms and documentation through mail only. All original documents will be returned to you through mail. No in-person appointments may be booked at this time.
  • If your travel plans begin within the next 25 business days, you may book an in-person appointment at the closest passport application office. A proof of travel print out must be presented at the time of the appointment.
    • To book this appointment, complete the online Service Canada request form here and a Service Canada representative will contact you in 2 business days.

This temporary update to passport applications will help to ensure that those with urgent travel plans are prioritized, while allowing all others continued access to flexible passport processing options.

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