Alberta COVID-19 Restrictions to Be Gradually Lifted

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Alberta public health measures will be lifted gradually in three steps as the fifth wave subsides and pressure on the health-care system eases!

Changes for Step 1 go in effect Feb 9:

  • The Restrictions Exemption Program ends
  • Restrictions on sale of food and beverages and consumption while seated in audience settings are removed
  • Restrictions on closing times, alcohol service, table capacity in restaurants and interactive activities remain in force

Effective Feb 14, mandatory masking will end for children and youth in schools, and for children 12 and under in all settings.

Starting March 1, mandatory work-from-home requirements lifted. Indoor masking no longer required.

Subsequent steps will see changes to work from home, masking requirements, large venue capacity limits and indoor social gathering limits.

Above are just some highlights of the changes that are coming! Learn more here:

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