Draft K-6 Subjects to be Piloted Fall 2022

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Alberta’s government is continuing to take a balanced, phased approach to kindergarten to Grade 6 (K-6) curriculum renewal based on advice from the Curriculum Implementation Advisory Group.

In September, classroom piloting for updated draft K-6 curriculum will begin with

  • Science,
  • French First Language and Literature, and
  • French Immersion Language Arts and Literature

Alberta’s government is providing maximum flexibility in how school authorities participate in optional classroom piloting of the updated draft curriculums. The piloting experience will include:

  • supporting teachers with professional learning opportunities
  • information and tools to work with the updated subjects in classrooms
  • collecting feedback from teachers piloting the draft curriculums

More information: https://www.alberta.ca/release.cfm?xID=825893C8853E3-0355-30D9-750B7C57482625B7&fbclid=IwAR31Q8YzP4dftkkj5InMxpLtnSL_cLN-rEXM4JfvsKSRjBl4_pvhMChT_Go