Enhancing Support for Women Experiencing Homelessness in Calgary

Lejia Feng Community, Settlement & Community News

The government of Alberta is making substantial investments to address the needs of homeless women in Calgary, with a commitment to creating year-round shelter spaces. This initiative introduces 40 new spaces, instantly accessible to those in need, thanks to a financial injection of $762,702, which includes $98,500 in one-time startup expenses.

Calgary has a long-standing reliance on the support of the Seniors, Community and Social Services, which allocates approximately $32 million annually to maintain around 1,800 emergency shelter spaces within the city. The newly allocated funding signifies a significant step forward in addressing the specific challenges faced by women experiencing homelessness. With this investment, a total of 78 shelter spaces will be designated for homeless women in Calgary. This includes 40 spaces at the Mustard Seed, 18 spaces at the Salvation Army-Wagner shelter, and an additional 20 spaces managed by YWCA Calgary.

To learn more, please visit: More year-round shelter spaces for women | alberta.ca