To work in a regulated profession, it may take some time to register with a professional regulatory, however you may want to work in a non-regulated occupation that is in your professional field.

Here are some alternative options and choices to consider:


1. Accounting Technician

Accounting technicians maintain systematic records of business transactions and verify and record those transactions. They use computers to calculate, prepare and process invoices, accounts payable and receivable, payroll and budget documents, and other routine financial records.

Also Known As

Administrative Support Personnel, Bookkeeper, Office Personnel


2.Payroll Administrator

Payroll administrators process payroll information and determine pay and benefit entitlements for employees in organizations of all types and sizes.


3.Financial Customer Service Representative

Financial customer service representatives promote their financial institution’s products and services, open and close accounts, accept payments, exchange foreign currencies, keep records of transactions, and receive and pay out money.

Also Known As

Bank Teller, Banker, Customer Service Representative, Information Clerk, Teller, Personal Financial Services Specialist


4.Banking, Insurance and Other Financial Clerks



1.Architectural Technologist

Architectural technologists work with architects, engineers and others in designing and developing plans and working drawings, estimating costs and supervising building construction projects.

Also Known As

CAD Technician/Technologist


2.Construction Estimator

Construction estimators analyze costs and prepare estimates for residential, commercial and industrial construction projects.

Also Known As

Construction coordinator


3.Landscape Architectural Technologist

Landscape architectural technologists assist landscape architects, architects, engineers and other professional designers and planners in designing and developing outside and inside environments.



1.Pharmacy Assistant

Pharmacy assistants assist pharmacists and pharmacy technicians by compounding, packaging and labelling pharmaceutical products, and maintaining prescription records and inventories of medications and pharmaceutical products.

Also Known As

Health Care Assistant, Medical Assistant, Salesperson


1.Health Care Aide

Health care aides provide personal assistance and support services for elderly, disabled, acute or chronically ill people who require short term assistance or ongoing support.

Also Known As

Caregiver, Client Care Attendant, Geriatric Health Aide, Health Care Assistant, Home Support Worker, Medical Assistant, Nursing Assistant, Personal Care Attendant, Residential Aide, Institutional Aide


2.Mental Health Aide

Mental health aides work under the direct supervision of health care professionals caring for people who are mentally ill, developmentally handicapped, cognitively impaired or brain injured.

Also Known As

Health Care Assistant, Institutional Aide, Medical Assistant, Nursing Assistant, Psychiatric Aide, Residential Aide


3.Recreation Therapist

Recreation therapists work with people who have illnesses and disabling conditions to improve their health and quality of life through leisure and recreation.

Also Known As




1.Community Disability Services Practitioner

Community disability services practitioners help people who have disabilities fulfill their goals as participating members of the community. Working as part of a team, community disability services practitioners implement plans that are designed to assist adults, youth and children develop their abilities and expand their opportunities.

Also Known As

Community Support Practitioner, Disability Support Practitioner


2.Medical Office Assistant

Medical office assistants support doctors and other health care professionals by performing a wide variety of clerical and administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments, word processing, bookkeeping and accounting, photocopying, filing and answering telephone calls and correspondence.

Also Known As

Administrative Support Personnel, Office Personnel, Medical Secretary


3.Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionists are medical language specialists who decipher audio dictation and transcribe medical reports that detail patient care during and after an illness or injury, or for continuing care purposes.

Also Known As

Administrative Support Personnel, Office Personnel, Transcriptionist


4.Ophthalmic Medical Personnel

Ophthalmic medical personnel assist ophthalmologists (eye surgeons) with patient care.

Also Known As

Eyecare Assistant/Technician, Health Care Assistant, Medical Assistant, Ophthalmic Assistant/Technician, Ophthalmic Medical Technologist



1.Construction Estimator

Construction estimators analyze costs and prepare estimates for residential, commercial and industrial construction projects.

Also Known As

Construction Co-ordinator


2.Gas Pipeline Operators and Maintenance Workers

Gas pipeline operators and maintenance workers monitor the day to day operations of meter and compressor stations essential to the distribution and smooth flow of gas through pipelines.

Also Known As

Control Room Operator, Gas Compressor Operator


3.Operations Research Analyst

Operations research analysts use mathematical modelling and information technology to develop decision support systems for decision-makers in public and private organizations.

Also Known As

Management Scientist


4.Technical Sales Representative

Technical sales representatives sell technical goods and services to government, commercial and industrial establishments. They may sell commodities such as computers, software and business machines or services such as technical analysis and consulting services.

Also Known As

Account Manager, Broker, Manufacturer’s Sales Representative, Sales Broker, Salesperson



1. Mediator

Mediators are neutral third parties who assist people involved in disputes to find mutually acceptable resolutions to their conflicts.

Also Known As

Conflict Resolution Specialist, Dispute Resolution Specialist, Facilitator, Conciliator



Paralegals do independent legal work under the general supervision of lawyers. They perform routine legal and administrative functions and assist lawyers with more complex matters.

Also Known As

Administrative Support Personnel, Office Personnel


3.Personal Property and Equipment Appraiser

Personal property and equipment appraisers estimate the value of personal and household items, business assets, vehicles or machinery, and prepare reports for owners, buyers, insurance companies, lending institutions, government departments, lawyers, creditors and others.

Also Known As

Appraiser, Equipment Appraiser


Social Worker:

1.Addictions Counsellor

Addictions counsellors help individuals, families and communities identify and deal with addictions through treatment and prevention programs.

Also Known As

Counsellor/Advisor, Drug and Alcohol Addiction Counsellor, Substance Abuse Counsellor, Rehabilitation Services Practitioner


2.Correctional Peace Officer

Correctional peace officers are responsible for the safe care, custody and control of people who have been charged and remanded to custody, are awaiting trial in a court of law and offenders who have been sentenced either to provincial correctional facilities or federal penitentiaries.

Also Known As

Correctional Officer, Guard, Law Enforcement Officer, Prison Guard


3.Educational Counsellor

Educational counsellors advise students on educational, personal and career-related issues and co-ordinate counselling services for students, parents and teachers.

Also Known As

Career Counsellor/Advisor, College Counsellor, Counsellor/Advisor, Employment Counsellor, Guidance Counsellor, School Counsellor


4.Marriage and Family Counsellor

Marriage and family counsellors provide counselling to help families, couples and individuals resolve interpersonal difficulties, develop effective and satisfactory relationships and build meaningful support systems.

Also Known As

Counsellor, Marriage Counsellor, Advisor



1.Art Instructor

Art instructors help students understand, interpret and create works of art.

Also Known As

Aboriginal Art Instructor


2.Child and Youth Care Worker

Child and youth care workers work to improve the physical, emotional, intellectual and social development of vulnerable children, youth and families.

Also Known As

Caregiver, Child Care Professional, Community Support Worker, Youth Care Worker


3.Educational Assistant

Educational assistants support students as part of a multidisciplinary team with teachers and other support personnel to provide meaningful instruction. Educational assistants also help teachers with non-instructional tasks.

Also Known As

Instructional Assistant, Program Aide/Assistant, Teacher Assistant, Teacher Aide, Special Needs Educational Assistant


Source: Alberta ALIS OCC info