Getting ready for school should not be stressful!

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This is that time of the year when we say good-bye to the lazy days of summer and turn our attention to the new school year. The new online Alberta Education’s Back to School Toolkit is packed with important and useful information to help students, parents, and teachers get a positive and healthy start to the new school year. For …

Thinking of Moving to Alberta?

Settlement ISC Settlement & Community News

Here are some things you should know about finding a place to live in Alberta.

Finding the right place to live takes time as well as some effort and energy. So be prepared! First of all, give yourself time to do careful and thorough research about Alberta’s communities, housing markets, rental and vacancy rates.

– In April 2014, average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Alberta ranged from $739 to $2,061. The provincial average was $1,190.

– In June 2014, the average price of a house in Alberta ranged from $238,481 to $606,281. The provincial average of $407,166 is on par with the Canadian average of $413,215.

Whether you’re looking to live in a rural or urban community, to rent or purchase, there’s a lot to consider, including home and property insurance, legal rights and responsibilities, and don’t forget about utilities!

Volunteering at ISC

Settlement ISC Volunteers

The Volunteer Program responds to those who have a passion for helping immigrants adjust to their new life here in Calgary. As a volunteer, whether you are accompanying a client to an important doctor’s appointment, coaching an individual on how to write a resume, or helping our staff in the office, you will be contributing to the successful integration of newcomers to Calgary. Some of the volunteer job positions include:
Cultural Translator, Cultural Interpreter, Employment Coach, Special Events Volunteer, Office Support Volunteer, Income Tax Volunteer, Children’s Programs Volunteer, Workshop Assistant

Change your name to fit in?

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Some people upon arriving in Canada wonder if they should change their name to sound more “Canadian.” People are concerned that their name may sound too ethnic, and are worried that people will discriminate against them because of that; or simply because people will have a hard time pronouncing their name. Quite often newcomers ask if they should pick a more “Canadian sounding” name for their resume and correspondence. Is this necessary?

Cultural Fun Facts

Settlement ISC Fun Facts

Norooz (Persian New Year)
Celebrated in March, it always begins on the first day of spring. Noroozhas been celebrated for at least 3,000 years. In Iran, Noroozis an official holiday lasting for 13 days during which most national functions including schools are off and festivities take place.

Red Eggs
In China eggs represent fertility. A charming …

Youth Volunteer Program at ISC

Settlement ISC Volunteers

The Youth Volunteer Program (YVP) is an initiative designed by Immigrant Services Calgary to assist individuals aged 14-20, who are newcomers to Canada. YVP activities have, in the past, ranged from the preparation and serving of food to the homeless, to a community talent show designed, hosted and delivered by the youth in our program. This program offers immigrant youth a platform to utilize their talents, to volunteer in and around the city of Calgary.

Advocacy for Seniors Transit Pass

Settlement ISC Seniors

On June 18, 2014, Calgary Transit proposed to the City Council a reduction in the age based discounts for seniors which would come into effect on July 1, 2015.Accordingly, the annual pass would be discontinued and seniors would be given the option to purchase a monthly pass of $60 (for regular income seniors) or $44 (for low income seniors). This change from $95 per year to $60 per month ($720 per year) was an increase of 7.6 times and the change from $15 per year to $44 per month ($528 per year) was an increase of 35.2 times.
Immigrant Services Calgary senior program partnered with CCECA and ECCC to advocate on behalf of the seniors in the city against these drastic changes.

Which Level of Government Do You Speak with?

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Elected representatives represent the interests of the people to the three levels of government; the municipal (City of Calgary), provincial (Government of Alberta) and federal (Government of Canada) governments. For example, if you have a concern about snow removal or roads in your neighbourhood, you can contact your city Councillor, who is your representative to the City of Calgary. If you have a concern about healthcare or education, you contact your Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA), who is your representative to the Government of Alberta. Finally, if you have a concern about issues such as citizenship and immigration or criminal justice you would contact your Member of Parliament (MP), your representative to the Government of Canada.

Members of the Canadian Armed Forces to be fast-tracked for citizenship

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Canada recognizes contributions of those permanent residents who have served or who are currently serving the country in uniform. Members of the Canadian military still must meet all of the standard conditions to apply for citizenship. However, the length of time they served in the Canadian Armed Forces can now be counted towards the reduced residency requirement providing them with quicker access to Canadian citizenship.

To find out more information about the program, please visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada