National Seniors Day 2017 – Inspiring Generations

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Immigrant Services Calgary, in collaboration with The City of Calgary and the Calgary Chinese Elderly Citizens’ Association, will be organizing the 7th annual National Seniors Day celebration at the Genesis Centre on Friday September 29, 2:00pm-4:00pm. Officially designated by the Government of Canada, National Seniors Day aims to recognize the significant and continuing contributions seniors add to our communities. Our …

Minimum Wage Increasing

Settlement ISC Community

On October 2017, Alberta’s minimum wage goes to $13.60 an hour from $12.20. This minimum wage is the same for adults, liquor servers, adolescents and young people, and employers must pay at least the minimum wage. Below is a table showing the minimum wage rates 2016-2018. Employee type Current Oct 1, 2017 Oct 1, 2018 General $12.20/hour $13.60/hour $15.00/hour Salespersons …

Low Income Monthly Pass in Calgary

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Starting April 2017, the low income monthly pass are provided on a sliding scale, which is a pricing system that assesses income and assign a purchase price based on income. It means the less a resident earns, the less he/she will need to pay for a low income monthly pass. The sliding scale is based on the applicant’s income and …

Timeline of Citizenship Act changes

Settlement ISC Citizenship & Immigration

On June 19, 2017, Bill C-6 passed Parliament. Some immediate changes include: Intent to live in Canada once granted citizenship is no longer required. Citizenship revocation provisions only applying to dual citizens are repealed. Minors can qualify on their own without the need to have a Canadian parent.   During the summer of 2017, IRCC will conduct the required regulatory …

Cooking with Friends

Settlement ISC Community

Immigrant Services Calgary helps newcomers to make friends in our community. Join us "Cooking with friends" program to learn new recipes, enjoy great meals and practice speaking English. It starts next week at St. Thomas United Church and Knox Presbyterian Church. For more details, please click the posters below.

Passport Application Clinics at Immigrant Services Calgary

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Are you a new Canadian citizen? Do you need help to apply for your Canadian passport? Immigrant Services Calgary is hosting free passport application clinics on Saturdays in September. Please be aware this service is available by appointment only. To register, please call 403-265-1120 ext. 303. Please gather and bring the following documents to your appointment. Citizenship certificate (Must) Guarantor’s …

Tell Me Your Story Project

Settlement ISC Community, Seniors

Immigrant Services Calgary’s Community Initiatives for Immigrant Seniors Program celebrated the end of an 8-week inter-generational project called Tell Me Your Story with a party. The seniors were paired up with technically savvy youth volunteers who helped them use PowerPoint to document stories about themselves, their homeland and settling in Canada. Audiences heard stories from Pakistan, India, Yemen and Korea. …

Hiring Event at Immigrant Services Calgary on September 2, 2017

Settlement ISC Community, Employment

Immigrant Services Calgary is hosting a hiring event with Harmony Beef Company, LTD. on Saturday, September 2, 2017, from 9:00am to 3:00pm. During the event, the company will be recruiting for Skilled Rib Boners, Saw Operators, Chuck Boners, Food Safety and Quality Assurance Techs, Meat Trimmers, Skinners and Kill Floor Production Workers, Purchasing and Accounting. For more information about the event, …

Heat Warning for Southern Alberta issued by Environment Canada

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Environment Canada issued a heat warning for Calgary and southern Alberta. It says maximum daytime highs are forecast to be around 30C until the weekend. Image source: Environment Canada,  August 29, 2017 Environment Canada says older adults, infants and young children, people with chronic illnesses, and people who work in the heat need to be careful. Here are the suggestions …

Minister Hussen announces major step forward in gender equality by making changes to passports and immigration documents – IRCC

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As Canadians, we know that protecting and promoting fundamental human rights is an imperative for governments and individuals alike. This includes gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. The Honourable Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, today announced that the Government of Canada will be working to implement an “X” gender designation in Canadian passports, as well as …