Visit from The Honourable Marco Mendicino, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

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On March 5, 2020, The Honourable Marco Mendicino, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada visited Immigrant Services Calgary. ISC team had a productive discussion about many shared priorities including how to grow the francophone community in Alberta. We are excited to work together to innovate and make settlement easier for newcomers.

IRCC – Fraud Prevention Month 2020

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March is Fraud Prevention Month. There are many common types of immigration scams such as a person posing as a government official over the phone, fake emails, fake computer virus’, fake prizes and more. During fraud prevention month, it is important to go over information on the kinds of frauds newcomers need to watch out for and remain vigilant. Please …

Update: Special immigration measures expand to applicants in Iran and South Korea affected by the Novel Coronavirus

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To help impacted clients, the Government of Canada has expanded its special measures to applicants in Iran and South Korea. The special measures were first introduced on February 7, 2020 for applicants in China. An example of these special measures are clients who applied for visitor visa, study permit, work permit or permanent residence, but cannot complete the next steps …

Help for temporary and permanent residents and applicants affected by the novel coronavirus

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There has been special measures put in place to help temporary and permanent residents (as well as applicants), who have been affected by the disruptions related to the coronavirus. This is because there has been a temporary closure of 11 visa application centres in mainland China. Permanent residents who need a permanent resident travel document to quickly travel to Canada …

Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship Application Postponed

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Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino has given notice that the application process for the 2020 Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship application is being postponed, it is usually opened in the month of January. The reason for postponing this is to “complete the development of a new application intake management process for the parents and grandparents sponsorship program, to be implemented in 2020.”

Canada makes it easier for foreign nationals to apply for temporary and permanent resident status within Canada – IRCC

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People can now give their fingerprints and photo right here in Canada

Building on a government commitment made earlier this year, Canada is rolling out the final phase of its biometrics collection program.
As of December 3, 2019, foreign nationals applying from within Canada for temporary or permanent residence, or to extend or renew their visitor visa or work or study permit, will need to have their fingerprints and photo taken and can do so at any of the 58 designated Service Canada locations across the country. This means individuals will now save time and money by being able to give their biometrics within Canada.

Federal Elections 2019

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Today, October 21, 2019 is election day in Canada. Canada runs on a democratic government and allows their Canadian citizens to vote for their political party/leaders. Each political party has their own platform that summarizes a list of policies that the party wants to fulfill if they are elected. The right to vote is how many Canadian citizens are able to influence the decisions about how their country is governed. Votes are done by secret ballot meaning no one will know which party a specific voter has voted for.

Settlement Services in Calgary

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In Calgary, there are immigrant serving agencies that offer settlement services to newcomers. These services are free for eligible newcomers and are often available in many languages. Agencies that offer settlement services aim to help newly arrived immigrants adjust to their new life in Canada. Settlement services can include: Job searching Finding a place to live Language assessment Filling out …

New programs to help newcomer settlement and integration

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Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has selected 824 projects to deliver high quality services to newcomers across Canada. The projects selected include: Language training and workplace-based language instruction to help newcomers settle and gain relevant skills  Employment services that foster the entrepreneurial spirit of newcomers and engage private sector employers Support for French speaking newcomers Support for vulnerable populations …