COVID-19 Multilingual Resources

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The Government of Alberta has a webpage for COVID-19 resources in multiple languages. The webpage is updated frequently with documents of resources not only from the Government of Alberta, but also the Government of Canada. An example of the languages these documents are translated to are: Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, French, Punjabi, Somali, Spanish, Tigrinya and Vietnamese. The languages …

City of Calgary’s At Home Activities

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The City of Calgary has a webpage full of at-home activities to keep children and families connected, engaged, and active, especially during this time where staying at home is encouraged. Examples of these activities are: Nature Inspired Photography & Art – this activity allows children and families to take in the beauty of their surroundings and take time to enjoy …

Taking care of your Mental Health during COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic is a situation that can be unsettling and can cause a sense of loss of control. It is normal for people and communities to feel sad, stressed, confused, scared or worried. Some common feelings may include: Fear of becoming ill or infected with COVID-19, or infecting others A sense of being socially excluded or judged by others …

Disinfectants for use against Coronavirus

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Health Canada is working with disinfectant manufacturers and industry associations to better inform Canadians of the products available for use to help against the spread of infections during the COVID-19 outbreak. They have put together a list of disinfectants that meet Health Canada’s requirements. Coronaviruses are enveloped viruses. This means they are one of the easiest types of viruses to …

Enforcing measures to stop spread of COVID-19

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In response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis, the Government of Alberta is granting law enforcement agencies to enforce public health orders and issue fines to protect the health and safety of Albertans. This means that under “amendments to the Procedures Regulation under the Provincial Offences Procedures Act, community peace officers, in addition to police, will be able to issue tickets to enforce …

Applying for Alberta’s Emergency Isolation Support

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The Government of Alberta’s Emergency Isolation Support program is now closed after successfully distributing funds to over 79,596 eligible Albertans since the launch of the program, for a total of approximately $91.7 million, close to double the amount originally allocated. The Government of Alberta has announced an Emergency Isolation Support for eligible working Albertans. Those who are eligible can receive a one …

Alberta Health Services: Social Distancing Video

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Alberta Health Services has a video that introduces what social distancing is in response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis. The video is translated into 7 languages: Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, Punjabi, Vietnamese and Tigrinya. If you are unsure what social distancing is, please visit to be more informed!

Prime Minister warns of COVID-19 text scam

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On March 26, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau warns everyone of  a “text scam” that’s trying to exploit the new Emergency Response Benefit. Trudeau said some people are preying on the vulnerable during the pandemic. “I’m sorry to say, there appears to be a text scam going around on the new emergency response benefit,” he said. “I want to remind everyone …