Government of Canada offering various Administrative Positions

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The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada department of the Government of Canada is opening an inventory of various administrative positions across Canada (Calgary included). This inventory will be used to establish a partially or fully qualified pool of candidates which may be used to staff similar positions with various linguistic profiles, various security profiles, various tenures, using various staffing activities across Canada within Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada.

2019 Power Breakfast Networking Event

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Immigrant Services Calgary hosted a Power Breakfast on the morning of May 29 2019 at the New Central Library. Newcomer clients were able to talk and connect with employers from differing industries such as engineering and IT. This event allowed for like-minded professionals to network and hear inspirational stories of immigrant professionals and their journey to settling in Canada. Immigrant Services Calgary would like to thank our clients and partners for the positive feedback and participation to make it a success!

Alberta proposes “Open for Business Act” and youth minimum wage

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The Government of Alberta has proposed an “Open for Business Act” that aims to return to previous general holiday pay and banks overtime rules, and additionally, introduce a $13/hour minimum wage for students under 18. This will not require employers to provide holiday pay even if they are not open that day. If passed, changes to holiday pay rules, overtime and Flexible Averaging Agreements will take effect on September 1, 2019. The new youth minimum wage of $13/hour will take effect June 26, 2019.

Canada’s economy adds 106,500 jobs in the April

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In April 2019, Canada’s economy added 106,500 jobs and most of them were full time according to Statistics Canada’s latest labour force survey. This unexpected increase helped drop the unemployment rate from 5.8% in March to 5.7%. The gains were spread throughout many industries including both service and factory sectors. In wholesale and retail trade positions, employment rose by 32,400 and in the construction sector, 29,200 jobs were added. A rush of 66,400 part time positions for workers between ages 15 – 24 also helped lower the youth unemployment rate from 10.7% to 10.3%.

nPower: Free IT training program for young adults

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Those who are interested in a career in IT and also fall in the category of youth adults ages 18 – 29, nPower has a no-cost IT training and employment program. The nPower program teaches the fundamentals of IT with real world application and credentials. The program includes 16-week class instruction, 7-week paid internship, opportunity to earn industry recognized CompTIA …

March 2019 Virtual Career Fair

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Immigrant Services Calgary hosted a Virtual Career Fair last week. This was an online career fair that allowed job seekers to connect and chat with employers from many different companies. Throughout the day, online workshops were also delivered to provide information in regards to what certain companies look for in a candidate or what positions a company can offer for …

First Day of Virtual Career Fair 2019

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Today was the first day of the Virtual Career Fair hosted by Immigrant Services Calgary. We had 6 online workshops hosted by RBC, Bitwide, New Canadians, PCM Canada, S.I. Systems and Cintas. Newcomers were able to connect with employers, attend online workshops, ask questions and also apply for job opportunities.

RBC Networking Event

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Last week, Immigrant Services Calgary employment team organized the first RBC bank networking event for 2019. 39 skilled immigrants participated in this successful event and had the chance to communicate and connect with over 20 RBC bank managers and professionals. It was a great to be able to hear all the success stories from previous Immigrant Services Calgary clients who had recently joined the RBC family. A big thank you to RBC for their generous donation to Immigrant Services Calgary and for supporting our community.

Canada-Alberta Job Grant – New Online Portal

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The Canada-Alberta Job Grant (CAJG) is a program where an employer applies on behalf of their employees for eligible training costs. Employers can decide who gets training and what type of training may be needed for their employees. The Government of Alberta announced that they will launch a new online portal for CAJG program applications. All the necessary forms and paperwork for the CAJG program can now be submitted online through Labour’s Workforce Grants Portal. You can also look at the status of your applications in real time and be alerted to any issues related to your file. To use this portal, all employers have to register for a MyAlberta digital ID for business account which can be done so here. CAJG will continue to accept paper applications through the mail until March 31, 2019. If you have any questions, visit the CAJG website for more information.