Plan ahead this holiday season to arrive safe

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With the holiday season in full swing, Albertans are reminded to drive safe and sober this month.
The Government of Alberta is reminding people “Driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs puts people at serious risk of injury and death. Cannabis, prescription drugs or over-the-counter medication can be just as dangerous behind the wheel as alcohol, especially when taken in combination.”

Streamlined access to seniors resources

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In 2020, seniors will have one number to call for information, advocacy and referrals regarding Alberta government services. The Office of the Seniors Advocate will be combined with the Office of the Health Advocates to address seniors’ concerns more efficiently. Beginning Jan. 2, 2020, Alberta seniors, their families and service providers will be able to access information and referrals on …

Cyber Security

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There are many steps that can be taken to ensure you are safe from online scams and frauds. The Government of Canada has a website,, that explains the different cyber risks and ways you can protect yourself.

Alberta ID card

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Did you know you can have an Alberta ID card if you don’t have an Alberta Driver’s License? The Alberta ID card can be used for any photo identification purposes. The minimum age to hold an ID card is 12 years old, you will also need to prove that you are an Alberta resident and you can legally live in Canada.

To apply for an Alberta ID card, visit a nearby authorized registry agent.
To learn more about the Alberta ID card, visit

Winter Driving in Alberta

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Alberta has been experiencing snow for the past few weeks, it is important to learn about the precautions to take for Winter driving. Here are a few tips for winter driving in Alberta:

Learn About What To Do In A Car Accident in Alberta

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With Winter around the corner, car accidents are prone to happen on the slippery roads. What is important is to know the proper steps to take after a collision occurs. Immigrant Services Calgary has launched a video project, ‘How-to and Smart Tips Video Series’, that uses easy to understand, scenarios to explain important settlement information. In the video of “What to do in a car accident in Alberta”, you will learn how to respond safely in a collision, the documents you are required to keep in your car, what information to exchange with the other driver, filing a report with the police, and more!

Watch the video here:

November is Family Violence Prevention Month

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Every November, communities in Alberta help raise awareness and prevent family violence by organizing public events and activities. This year’s theme is #WhereToTurn, and encourages everyone to learn about the resources that are available in your community to support those who are affected by family violence. Albertans can also show their support by wearing purple and posting photos with the hashtag #GoPurpleAB. To learn more about this movement, visit

Alberta’s First Smartphone App for Newcomer Settlement

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Welcome to Alberta is Alberta’s first smartphone app for newcomer settlement. The app features information about Alberta and Canada, important information to know (such as the Alberta’s healthcare system, employment, and more!) as well as pre-loaded to-do lists to guide newcomers through the process of settlement. There are currently 3 pre-loaded to-do lists: Things to do before arriving in Canada, things to do in the first two weeks you arrive in Canada, and things to do in the first two months you arrive in Canada. You are also able to add your own things to do. The app is circulating in many different medias and gaining recognition throughout Alberta.

To download the app, visit, it is available in both the Apple app store and the Google Play store!

Residential Access Modification Program (RAMP) helps Albertans with mobility challenges

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The Residential Access Modification Program (RAMP) received more funding this year, meaning there will be greater access and independence for Albertans with mobility challenges. Under RAMP, those with mobility challenges can be eligible for a grant funding to modify their homes. This grant can be used towards accessibility modifications such as ramps, stair lifts, door widening, floor changes, bath lifts and bathtub door inserts. The grant can be up to $7,500 per year, per project. To learn more about RAMP, visit

More Support for Seniors from the Government of Alberta Budget

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The Budget 2019 includes an increase of $9 million for Seniors and Housing to ensure Alberta’s growing seniors population is well-supported. This will mean that they will maintain valuable programs that Alberta’s seniors rely on (such as financial support and programs). They will also continue to invest in affordable housing units across the province for seniors and low-income people. Senior benefits, including the Alberta Seniors Benefit will be maintained.