Citizenship Application Language Proficiency Requirements

Option I: Take the Canadian Language Benchmarks Placement Test and apply for LINC English classes. You can use your LINC class certificate to
apply for citizenship. LINC classes are free for eligible newcomers. Click here to register to take the CLBPT test at CLARC.

Option II: Take the CELPIP Test:

  1. Official website –
  2. Fee – $195 + Taxes. Evaluates test taker’s English speaking and listening skills only, and is used for citizenship applications and professional designation.
  3. Test-prep resources: CELPIP-General Free Online Sample Test
  4. News on the test:

Option III: Take the IELTS exam.

For more information about Language Proficiency Requirements please visit IRCC’s website

Immigrant Services Calgary can help you prepare for applying to become a Canadian citizen. Visit services/settlement-integration-support/citizenship-preparation-classes for more information.