Find a Mentor

Get advice from a successful colleague in your profession.  

Finding a mentor can help you find work

Would you like to get some one-on-one advice from a successful professional in your field? Our mentorship programs can connect you with established Canadian professionals and empower you with the skills and knowledge necessary to find employment.

What can you expect from this program?

  • Training that will enhance your employability
  • Empowering information sessions that will enhance your life skills
  • Networking events, job fairs, and information sessions specific to your profession
  • Connection to employers and direct hiring opportunities
  • One-on-one assessment from our trained staff
  • Assistance and guidance in planning for your career path
  • Interaction with other newcomers who have experienced similar circumstances

To qualify for our mentorship programs, you must have:

  • Permanent resident status or refugee status
  • A Bachelor’s Degree or higher
  • At least two years of experience in your field of expertise
  • A Canadian Language Benchmark Assessment (CLBA) of 6 or above

What’s expected of you?

  • Clear understanding of your goals and expectations
  • Commitment to attend mandatory Core Training
  • Commitment to 24 hours of mentoring over a four month period
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