Professional Profile – Accountant

Qualifications Overview

Certified Accounting Professional with over 20 years’ increasingly responsible experience in core, general and full cycle accounting. Executive and managerial level experience of over 10 years, with contributions leading to end revenue savings of over US $2.3 million. Strong taxation and auditing skills developed through spearheading accelerated month-end closing processes and cash flow analysis.
Strengths include:

·         Loss Prevention ·         Corporate Taxation ·         Financial Controls
·         Financial Planning ·         Personal Taxation ·         Policy Formulation
·         Analysis and Reporting ·         Strategic Planning ·         Management Accounting

Key Skills and Experiences


  • Economized cash flow processes leading to a surplus of company funds placed in term deposits, thus avoiding use of overdraft facilities lasting a span of 12 months.
  • Administered transfers of funds to operational sites and provided guarantee of adequate funds for smooth continuance of operations and projects.
  • Developed and secured logistics services contracts for marketing materials worth equivalent of over US $10 million.


  • Supervised a team of 20 management staff, and coordinated core trainings with valuable feedback evaluations, resulting in high employee satisfaction and productivity.
  • Improved poorly managed, inaccurate financial accounts and produced efficiently operating, full management accounts within five days of month end.
  • Analyzed developments and legislations and their impact on corporate operations, subsequently recommended and implemented procedural improvements.



  • Influenced management’s disparate viewpoints and encouraged changes to financial processes by presenting various problem solving strategies, leading to prevention of negative ROIs.
  • Communicated with bankers the advantages of utilizing invoice discounting rather than overdrafts, resulting in savings of thousands of dollars in interest charges alone.
  • Negotiated venture capital equivalent of US $3.2 million, which resuscitated the company’s financial status within a years’ time.


Education and Professional Qualifications

  • CPA Designation
  • Bachelors of Accounting
  • International Financial Reporting Standards Training (IFRS)