Professional Profile – Engineer

Qualifications Overview

Chemical Engineer with over 7 years’ increasingly responsible experience in operations, production and controls systems, focused primarily in petrochemical processing. Extensive experience in petrochemical production and monitoring. Strong testing and analytical skills developed through managing numerous full-cycle process optimization projects. Strengths include:

·         Process Controls ·         Quality Assurance ·         Site Compliance
·         Troubleshooting ·         Product Development ·         Plant Maintenance
·         Analysis and Reporting ·         Process Optimization ·         Health and Safety

Key Skills and Experiences


  • Designed and developed necessary Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs) and Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs) through ASPEN HYSYS process simulation software, resulting in a 20% increase in production efficiency.
  • Calculated and maintained the optimal operational conditions of process and production parameters (ex. Flow, temperatures, and pressure levels) in purification and extrusion units, to produce highest quality polypropylene granules.
  • Operated specialized production machines and optimized production parameters through control panels and computer terminals such as DCS and PLC control systems.



  • Supervised the project commissioning, operations and shutdown of production processes and plant equipment for a large plant producing over 150,000 tons of petrochemical per year.
  • Led research team to identify optimization opportunities to improve production performance, and established new processes to increase production capacity and decrease operational costs.
  • Evaluated existing plant safety procedures, and implemented stricter maintenance safety processes, which resulted in a decrease of total annual work place related incidents.


Problem Solving

  • Collaborated with production operations team to investigate causes of deviation in production performance and product quality; recommended and implemented necessary adjustments.
  • Analyzed product quality to ensure compliance to industry standards and specifications by conducting thorough laboratory testing, resulting in higher product efficiency.
  • Researched various testing procedures to develop new products, as well as established comprehensive analysis procedures for continual improvement of existing products.


Education and Professional Qualifications

  • APEGA Professional Engineer License (In Progess)
  • Bachelors of Chemical Engineering