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Position Summary

Reporting to the Coordinator, Security, our Calgary client needs a security professional with a different approach to maintaining the safe and secure environment they’ve grown to appreciate. This role accentuates the difference company makes in the community by addressing all security concerns with a compassionate approach to resolving issues in a restraint-free approach. We serve our clients with respect and dignity, and consciously choose not to exercise power or control against company valued clients.
The candidate they are seeking will have prior training and experience in a security setting, will understand methods of conflict resolution, will have a proven customer service approach, solid references to support their compassion toward people, and will display confidence, strength of character, and a willingness to learn and grow.
This is a different kind of job, supporting company’s facilities as well as clients, staff, volunteers and members of the community, in a very demanding environment. At any one time, you will be protecting the safety and security of people in a hectic and busy atmosphere. Company recognizes it takes a special kind of person – someone who is resilient, enjoys working in close contact with people, and who can maintain their composure when situations escalate.

Time Commitment
Shifts require the staff to fill vacation, sick-time and other absences. Below is a summary of how the Company’s positions work:

• You will be dedicated to the Security team. Shifts will be 7 AM to 7 PM or 7 PM to 7 AM (overnight)

• Phone calls or emails will be sent out with shift availabilities up to a minimum of 2 hours’ notice before the shift starts

• It is expected that you answer the phone/text or emails when you are a relief employee

• If you can not pick up a minimum of 3 shifts per month (when shifts are available), you will be removed from the staff list

Some unusual hours may be required from time to time as the need arises. Schedule may be altered at the discretion of management. There is no guarantee of shifts. Staff are scheduled on an as needed, when needed basis.

Job Duties:
Maintain a safe living and working environment through humility, respect and compassion

• Security staff must show composure and humility when handling situations that may require them to remove person(s). They will use non-violent crisis intervention techniques

• Must maintain a professional and positive working relationship with emergency services. (i.e. CPS, CTS, EMS, etc.)

• Teams of security personnel provide a presence 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

• Security work can be physically demanding and always requires an individual to be alert

• The current high standard of customer service must be maintained and improved upon if possible; all members of the security team, as front-line staff, have a key role to play in this

• To provide assistance to new clients, volunteers, donors and members of the community at the main office and direct them to the appropriate avenues

Monitoring premises, clients, community members, volunteers and staff via CCTV to ensure everyone has a safe and respectful living and working environment

• Monitoring the outside of the building for any illegal activity and taking appropriate action.

Patrol of the building and floors while keeping in contact with the control room with the use of handheld radios

Preparing for shift change by relating any information to help assist the oncoming staff.

Review the DVR regarding criminal activity and taking proper course of action

Required to keep your work station clean and tidy

Dealing with inquiries from staff, clients, and public

Responding to any security issues within the facility and the surrounding outside grounds

Performs any related activity that has been asked of by the on-shift supervisor
Required Competencies
Alberta Security License is MANDATORY

Completion of a college or university program in any of the following; human services, police sciences, criminology or other related programs is a definite asset

Previous work experience or background in military or law enforcement may replace formal education requirements

Experience working in distress and/or high-stress situations, which may include emergency response

• Experience in the human services field would be an asset

• Experience working in a shift work environment preferred

• Experience with CCTV, access control systems and fire response systems is a must

Energetic and self-directed, with effective time management and organizational skills including the ability to deal with several priorities at the same time

Resiliency and stress tolerance and the ability to maintain composure, remain calm and focused when dealing with a high volume of volatile and stressful situations The ability to make sound rational decisions based on information provided and employ critical thinking where information may not be clear

Strong strategically-focused analytical skills, good common sense; and capacity to provide leadership

Well-developed interpersonal, conflict resolution and negotiating skills

Resourcefulness and knowledge of community resources and social support systems

High morals, ethics and integrity

Working Conditions
Front-line staff are exposed to emotionally disturbing events, such as: medical distress, threatened/actual serious injury, violence, abuse, and death; where clients may be experiencing fear, terror, hopelessness, rage, self-harm and conflict. It is understood and accepted that you will be working in distress and/or high-stress situations, which may include emergency response where resiliency and stress tolerance and the ability to maintain composure, remain calm and focused is imperative. Exposure to bodily fluids may also occur.

Some of the great benefits the DI has are agency paid:

• Vacation days

• Sick days

• Wellness days

• Medical & Dental coverage

•Homewood EFAP

• Long-Term Disability*

• Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)*

• Critical Illness Insurance*

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