National Seniors Day 2014 Celebration

Settlement ISC Seniors

The Community Initiatives for Immigrant Seniors Program (CISP) celebrated the Annual National Seniors Day for the 5th consecutive year on Sep 27, 2014 collaboratively with the Calgary Chinese Elderly Citizens’ Association. October 1 is recognized annually as National Seniors Day and Immigrant Services Calgary has been celebrating this ever since it was officially launched by the Government of Canada in 2010 to pay tribute to the seniors who have helped build our country and continue to make valuable contributions to Canadian communities, workplaces and society.

More than 200 multi ethnic seniors took part in the celebrations which saw dignitaries representing all three levels of government: Joan Crockatt, MP, Jason Luan, MLA and Sean Chu, City Councilor as well as the Chief Executive Officer from the Kerby Centre- Luanne Whitmarsh and ISC Board member – Hala Dehais in attendance. There was a cake-cutting ceremony and vibrant intergenerational cultural entertainments like Punjabi Bhangra, Chinese Lion Dance etc. that had the audience enthralled. The seniors also got a chance to shake a leg and dance in the Flash Mob !

Advocacy for Seniors Transit Pass

Settlement ISC Seniors

On June 18, 2014, Calgary Transit proposed to the City Council a reduction in the age based discounts for seniors which would come into effect on July 1, 2015.Accordingly, the annual pass would be discontinued and seniors would be given the option to purchase a monthly pass of $60 (for regular income seniors) or $44 (for low income seniors). This change from $95 per year to $60 per month ($720 per year) was an increase of 7.6 times and the change from $15 per year to $44 per month ($528 per year) was an increase of 35.2 times.
Immigrant Services Calgary senior program partnered with CCECA and ECCC to advocate on behalf of the seniors in the city against these drastic changes.