Translation & Interpretation

The Language Bank is committed to facilitating equal access to community resources and services for immigrants and refugees through the provision of high-quality translation and interpretation services.  First language support services are available in over 50 languages.

Currently, we offer the following services:

Document translation

Documents we translate include:

  • Birth certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Driver’s licences
  • Divorce certificates
  • Diplomas and transcripts
  • Professional accreditation documents
  • Employment records and reference letters
  • Passport pages and stamps
  • Agency flyers and brochures
  • And more!

Our translations of documents are accepted on municipal, provincial and federal levels by such institutions as:

  • Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)
  • International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS)
  • World Education Services (WES Canada)
  • Child Care Staff Certification Office
  • Mount Royal University
  • SAIT Polytechnic
  • Bow Vallery College
  • Alberta Transportation
  • Service Alberta – Motor Vehicles
  • And more!

Translation time depends on the type of the document and language. Rush service is available for certain documents. Certification through commissioning or notarizing is provided for translation as necessary.

To get a free quote and/or to order a translation online, please fill out the Translation Request Form and submit it with a clear scan of your document(s) to  

For general inquiries or booking a translation appointment, please call 403.444.3491.  



Our community interpreters are available for medical, legal, social services and other appointments. High-quality interpretation services help bridge communication and cultural gaps between service providers and clients with first language support. 

For general inquiries including interpretation fees, please email

For interpretation requests, please fill out the Interpretation Request Form and submit it to     


Special Projects

1. Multicultural Interpretation Services Project for Children’s Services (Calgary Region)

This project provides cultural interpretation services to the workers of Children’s Services (Calgary Region) in multiple languages. First language supports facilitate communication between caseworkers and high-risk families. It is a referral-based service funded by the Children’s Services of Alberta Human Services.  Caseworkers will fill out the Interpretation Request Form and send it to or contact the coordinator at 403.705.4380.


2. Workers’ Compensation Board – Interpretation and Translation Services

Immigrant Services Calgary is contracted to provide interpretation and translation services for Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB). The first language support facilitates communication between WCB service providers and clients with limited English proficiency.  This is a referral-based service.


3. Interpreter Proficiency Test (CILISAT)

Immigrant Services Calgary’s Language Bank is in affiliation with Cultural Interpretation Services for Our Communities (CISOC) to provide the following service.  This is to evaluate the language and interpretation proficiencies of individuals who want to pursue a career in language service.

  • Community Interpreter Language and Interpreting Skills Assessment Tool (CILISAT)

CILISAT will be administered in ISC office.  For inquiries or booking the test, please email User fees will apply.  


4. Online Interpreter Training 

Immigrant Services Calgary’s Language Bank is in affiliation with Cultural Interpretation Services for Our Communities (CISOC) to provide the following online training courses.  Online education provides current and would-be interpreters with the freedom to study where and when they want.

  • Community Interpreter Training

This online training course helps interpreters further their knowledge or gain new knowledge of interpreting protocols. The course is based on 70 hours of study. 

  • Medical Knowledge and Terminology Training

This online training course is designed for individuals who wish to gain certification in Medical Knowledge and Terminology. The course is based on 186 hours of independent study.

After completing the online course, students will be ready to take their final exam. The final exam is a two-hour online test.

For inquiries or registration regarding the above training courses, please email User fees will apply.  



Here’s what our clients are saying about the Language Bank:

“Thank you so much for helping our family with the translation of our passports. Your translation is professional and accurate.”

“The translation I received helped me in job searching and integration.  I was able to have my credential assessed.”

“Thank you very much. Having the interpreter here makes it so much easier for us to help this patient but is also a much better experience for this patient in our clinic. The help is so much appreciated. Any interpreter that has come has been professional and caring. We will continue to use your services. Again, thank you so much.”

“What a wonderful experience for both our client and myself. Really enjoyed our interpreter. He was above and beyond what we expected!”

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