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Within the next 20 years, Canada will experience the greatest demand within the area of high skilled workers. Yet the current, slow growing population that makes up the Canadian workforce will be inadequate to meet the rising demand for experienced workers.

In response to the skills gap, Canada has welcomed internationally trained professionals (ITPs) to enrich the Canadian economy with a wealth of experience, education, and international ties. Yet, many of these new Canadians find themselves unable to utilize their skillsets due to lack of local work experience and challenges in re-accreditation.


Voices of Calgary is a campaign that recognizes the vast global talent readily available within the Canadian talent pool, and also advocates for equal opportunity for ITPs in the local labor market.  This is the motivation behind the campaign’s slogan – “Globally Inspired – Locally Hired”. The campaign carries out its mission by empowering ITPs with a voice to share their journeys toward re-establishing their careers in Canada, as well as spotlighting employers who are active in providing equal opportunities for ITPs.

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We are looking for stories about…

ITPs who:

Employers who:

·         Have become citizens or have Permanent Resident status;

·         Had a profession in their home country and has achieved accreditation/licensure for a similar profession in Canada;

·         Currently reside in Calgary.

·         Provide equal opportunities to ITPs and have supported ITPs in achieving their Canadian accreditation/licensure;

·         Stands for multicultural diversity and inclusion;

·         Are located in Calgary or have branch offices in Calgary.

Through short video testimonials from ITPs and employers, we hope to encourage, inspire and advocate for a more vibrant and diverse Canadian workforce. If you are an ITP or employer who fits the criteria above, or if you know someone who does, simply let us know by completing the short form below.

If you have any questions about the campaign, feel free to contact the Project Coordinator, Noel Tsang, at NoelT@immigrantservicescalgary.ca.

Please fill out the  form below, and we will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you.

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