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About the Campaign

Immigration has been a hot topic in world news, global politics, humanitarian efforts and international relations, but often only one side of the story is being presented. The Voices of Calgary Campaign is designed to create a platform to share the other side of the story behind the news headlines, so as to encourage newcomers and inspire the Canadian society.

The Voices of Calgary Campaign (VoC) is a local initiative funded by the Government of Alberta, with a mission to support equal opportunity in the local labor market for Calgary’s internationally trained professionals (ITPs). This is the motivation behind the campaign’s slogan “Globally Inspired – Locally Hired”. The campaign carries out its mission by creating a platform for ITPs to share personal stories about re-establishing their professional lives in Canada, as well as spotlighting employers who are actively engaged in workforce diversification and supporting equal opportunity employment.

Many new immigrants come to Canada with a wealth of knowledge, experience, specialized and transferable skills, as well as international ties. They make invaluable contributions to local communities and the Canadian society as a whole. Additionally, many employers recognize diversity within the workforce as a key asset to their company and are reaping a plethora of tangible benefits from hiring internationally trained professionals. This bright side of the story is beautifully portrayed through the series of real life videos produced by the VoC team.

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