Achieving greater outcomes through diversity


The Calgary Police Service (CPS) is about 3,000 strong, with about 2,200 sworn members and about 800 civilian members who work together to serve the community.

To the CPS, diversity is crucial. Everyone is unique and brings different skillsets with them. In recruiting, we want a diversity of employees with different cultures to ensure that we are mirroring the community we are serving.

CPS plays a large part in the community, and we have to thank the community for inviting us in. We rely heavily on a good relationship with them to do our work. In our Diversity Resources Unit, we have all sorts of different cultures represented. This allows us as police officers to be welcomed into communities. We participate in the community in many ways, from sitting on different boards to attending various kinds of community events.

Diversity training at CPS occurs at various levels. We conduct our diversity training by entering the community. For example, we may be invited to synagogues and temples where we share meals and celebrate significant events together. In this way, we are immersed in the culture and gain first-hand experiences.

Diversifying our workforce means that we have different elements to rely on. For example, we can rely on officers who speak multiple languages fluently to help us navigate complex investigations by building trust, assisting in interpretations, and even supporting diverse peoples through the court process. Diversity also gives us different perspectives within our investigations and within other services offered by the CPS. The benefits of a diverse workforce are truly irreplaceable and helps us achieve greater outcomes in our work.