Building Welcoming Communities, from the Inside Out


YMCA Calgary is part of the YMCA Canada Federation. There are 48 Associations across Canada serving the community. Diversity within our recruiting is really about meeting the needs of the community, and making sure that we have that understanding. We want to make sure that there is really a comfort level with anyone coming in to use our services; they are going to be welcomed to various facilities or programs by our staff of all ages, all genders, and all cultures

Recently we interviewed for a position of Strengthening and Conditioning Instructor, who is a new immigrant that came here from East India. He applied for the position and was interviewed like every other candidate, and eventually, he was hired based on experience that he brings from his country of origin! He is a physiotherapist back home, and for the department he will be working in, his background fits really well! Even though he did not have any Canadian experience, he did have Canadian certificates to support his position. When we are looking at the recruiting process, our focus is primarily on people having the right tools, the right knowledge and experience. We do consider the type of international experience they have as well.

Other than that, it is about making sure that we have the right fit for the organization and right people to work with to build our vision and our mission as we move forward. The benefits of diversity in the workforce would come down to three things: the increase in productivity that it brings, the competitive advantage and the positive reputation for the organization. For YMCA, we have a good reputation out there because we hire a diverse workforce and have many staff who are able to meet the needs of our diverse clients.