It’s about the Competencies and Industry Experience


Lafarge is the worldwide leader in the building material industry. We have 7,000 employees across the country, and five different product lines: so we produce and supply cement aggregates, ready mix concrete, concrete products and asphalt paving construction. Being a large multinational company, diversity is a big factor for us. Lafarge was actually acknowledged as one of Canada`s Best Diversity Employers. There are different initiatives that we take to make sure that we have a diverse and inclusive workplace.

One of the main advantages of diversity is all that knowledge, all that language, cultural awareness, skills that people bring into the company, that mindset that opens up doors and also makes your company more adaptable, gives you more opportunity to innovate, because there’s more input from different perspectives.

Through the recruitment process we try to attract diverse population, we want to have a diverse and inclusive workplace. For us it’s important to build relationships with organizations that work with diverse groups of people including internationally trained professionals. So we have relationships with Immigrant Services Calgary, and Bredin in Calgary, so with the different organizations that we try to partner with, we share the different opportunities that we have available with these organizations, so that they can share these job opportunities with their client groups.

For Lafarge having Canadian experience is not the priority. For us is a lot about the competency, it’s a lot about the soft skills, the attitude, the industry experience. We have a lot of people come from different places in the world again, being a multinational company, we have people from Europe, Africa, South America, Asia. So for us, it’s really more about the competency, the industry experience then the actual Canadian experience.

For us, Lafarge is still growing. So it’s important for us to keep growing our workforce and bring people in with these diverse backgrounds.