Creating Happiness through Diversity Initiatives


ATB is an Alberta based financial institution. We have 5400 employees and have been working to serve Albertans in 243 communities since 1938. Diversity and inclusion are part of our strategic direction at ATB. We take time to celebrate the diverse nature of our workforce by getting involved in the community through sponsoring different festivals, including Filipino Festival and Global Fest. We have individuals in our front line and management that are from all over the world and because of that; we can effectively cater to a very diverse client base.

As an Alberta based business, we try to reflect the communities that we work and live in, so our recruitment generally reflects that as well. At ATB we think there are number of advantages from having a diverse and inclusive workplace. We believe that people can have more innovative outcomes if they work together in diverse teams, and we believe it adds to the richness of the workplace experience.

We collaborate with Immigrant Services Calgary to help new immigrants in regards to financial literacy, and we work with their professional clients, to help them with practice interviews and informational interviews. I would hope that in the future topics regarding diverse and inclusive environments would no longer be issues, that they would be something that simply exists. If I was going to give some advice to other employers I would say this – having a diverse workforce here at the branch has created more happiness for my clients. ATB`s purpose is to create happiness.